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3 tips to work flawlessly with your client as an Eureka virtual assistant

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Whenever you start a new job, it is necessary to learn how to work with your colleagues and your boss. In this regard, working as an Eureka virtual assistant is not an exception: you will have to learn how to work with your client.

Having a good collaboration with your client and their work team is key to being an efficient virtual assistant. Nevertheless, how could we do that kind of work relationship with your client?

1. Prefer communication in writing

Write emails or notes to your client, even after having an online meeting or call. With an email, you can explain what you have understood and give the opportunity to your client to clarify or to issue new directions if there is something you didn’t get.

This is key if your client works in a hectic environment. With many things happening at the same time, they or you can lose track of something. Keeping a written record helps to prevent this problem.

2. Be autonomous

Your client won’t have answers for everything. For that reason, you can do your own research and take your own initiatives.

Of course, being proactive in this fashion only makes sense if you have been working with your client for a long time and/or you have a deep knowledge of their industry.

If you don’t know your client that well, if there is an issue, you can do your research and offer your client some solutions

3. Don’t interrupt, if you can

Usually, people work better when they can focus during long chunks of time. That implies that your client probably needs to work uninterrupted as much as you do. Hence, when you have a question, wait for the right time to ask it.

However, there might be times when you have to interrupt your client. For instance, if waiting seems a waste of time or it seems impossible to follow the given instructions.


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