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Tips for building a long term work relationship with your client

Maintaining a good relationship with your client is a competitive advantage that can help you build a long term relationship with the client. This good work relationship can improve your motivation and work environment, which is why it is very important to make an active effort to get along perfectly with your client. A key aspect to maintaining this relationship is to have excellent communication with your client. A good virtual assistant will stay in touch and effectively communicate with their client.

If you want to improve your communication skills to help you build this relationship, here are a few tips to communicate effectively with your client:

  • Regular communication and open dialogue keeps everyone informed and aligned about tasks and projects at all stages.

  • Overcommunicating is instrumental when working with others but keep in mind client preferences with communication cadence. If there are communications guidelines previously established, make sure you are still following them

  • Informing clients about your progress with daily tasks and remaining action items. The updates keep them informed and aware that the work is progressing and being completed.

  • Be honest about deadlines and commitments, letting your client know your workload is important so that you are not assigned to more duties that you can take on. This avoids disappointments and disagreements between you and your client, maintaining the relationship more cordial. They will appreciate you not constantly letting them down and being honest about the possibilities.

Having a good relationship with your client is something we value a lot in Eureka, as one of our goals is that clients can maintain a long term work relationship with our Virtual Assistants. You can develop your career as a virtual assistant in Eureka, send us your resume and let’s start developing your career.


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