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3 tips to communicate effectively with your client

Communication is key so your client and you can effectively work together. This matter should not be overlooked, because if you can’t clearly communicate, then you can’t work as a team.

So, how could you and your client communicate to be an effective work team? Here we can offer you some key tips

1. Establish a way of communication between you and your client

This line of communication will help you both to know how to find each other when some of you needs it. Email, chat or Zoom… whatever you agree is fine as long as you both can respond quickly.

2. Tell the client how they should give you feedback

It is hard to work remotely, so it is necessary to give your client some guidelines on how to give you feedback about what you are doing.

For instance, if you send your client some drafts in different files, ask them to give you feedback by indicating the name of the file and what changes they want.

In this way, you both can easily understand each other.

3. Solve a problem, if you can, before asking for help

It is normal that you’ll get into a roadblock doing something for your client. Instead of asking for help, first think deeply about what information you have right now that could help you to solve the problem.

For example, maybe your client sent you a PDF when you needed a jpg. That can be easily solved by making a screenshot of the PDF file.

It might be that you already have all the data you need, but you just haven’t noticed. Perhaps your client forgot to send you some info today, but then you realized that you might have received it some days ago.

If you practice this skill enough, you will become a very resourceful person.

Here in Eureka we are always looking for talented people who want to work as a virtual assistant. Are you up to the challenge? In that case, send your resume to We hope you’ll become a member of our team soon!


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