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3 traits of successful virtual assistants

A virtual assistant is a very versatile professional who, thanks to their competence, can provide support to a client –a SME, a start-up or an entrepreneur– to solve a lot of problems that consume a lot of time, but do not belong to their client’s core business.

Working remotely, an Eureka virtual assistant can offer a lot of different services according to prior work experience and education, such as social media management, customer service, bookkeeping and administrative tasks.

Administrative support skills are very important

As a virtual assistant, you can provide services according to your professional background. Nevertheless, having a professional career as an accounting or administrative assistant could be very helpful. A common need for many small businesses is having someone who keeps the books without being a permanent employee.

You need to be computer literate

We do not want to state the obvious, but it is essential you are computer literate. As an Eureka virtual assistant, you will have to handle a lot of software tools to do your job. It is possible that you might have to learn to use new software to work with a client.

Better if you are bilingual English/Spanish speaker

Most of the businesses we work with want someone bilingual, so it is better if you are bilingual or, as a Spanish native speaker, can speak English at a very high level. Because our clients are American or Canadian small businesses, the Eureka virtual assistant candidates should live in the US or have grown up or studied here.

Do you want to start a new career as a virtual assistant? Send us your resume and a letter of introduction to Let us help you to grow your professional career.


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