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4 characteristics of an excellent virtual assistant

Updated: May 10, 2022

Virtual assistants handle many tasks for their clients and they may include banal tasks to very specialized ones- A good virtual assistant should have characteristics to help their client to reduce their stress and to be more productive and organized. If you know those characteristics, then you will be able to improve as a virtual assistant and become indispensable.

Let’s see what these key characteristics are:

1. Be communicative

You should be able to communicate with your client and other people to do your job. And of course, many tasks will require communicating with very different people: customers, suppliers, your client’s employees.

If you cannot communicate clearly with the persons you get in contact with, then it will be very hard for you to do your job.

2. Be alert

A very important quality to succeed as a virtual assistant is the capacity of memorizing your client’s preferences and taking decisions that follow your client’s criteria without your client having to ask you to do anything. Keep in mind that your client will judge your work with objective and subjective criteria.

If your work is well organized, then you will relieve your client’s stress and show professionalism and competence in your job. This is a very good way of impressing your client.

3. Be organized

If you are a virtual assistant without a knack for organization, you will be easily overwhelmed. You should organize your daily responsibilities, the paperwork, the internal documents, the emails, the calls and many other demanding tasks.

Evidently, you do not want to make a mistake because that will stop your client from focusing on their job.

Do you think you have these qualities to make you excel as a virtual assistant? Contact us. We are always looking for responsible professionals who can make a difference.


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