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2 soft skills to succeed as an Eureka virtual assistant

Are you considering being a virtual assistant as a career choice? If that’s the case, do you know the soft skills you need to succeed? Let’s talk about the necessary skills to be a remarkable and successful virtual assistant.

1. Organization

Being organized in a hectic work environment is a key skill on this job. A lot of stuff will be happening at the same time and most work days will be different to the previous ones. It will be expected from you to deliver in time, though.

So, you will have to keep track of the projects and tasks under your responsibility. After all, we are humans and, in a hectic environment, humans tend to forget things. Under these circumstances, a calendar and a weekly planner –be it on paper or online– will be your allies; you will need to use them to succeed.

2. Always know your client’s priorities

Not every task has the same degree of importance. Hence, when your client gives you many tasks to deal with, then you should know what their priorities are.

Life is messy and there might be unexpected delays when some part of a process is not under your control. Although this may be true, you should try your best to avoid delays on the really important tasks. What is not important can wait.

If there is time available for completing only one task, you should know which one you should do. Hence, if you don’t know your client’s priorities, you should ask openly for directions. This should be your client’s call, not yours.


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