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6 Tips to work from home efficiently

Working from home is a great career choice, even more now that back office positions have increased and a lot of companies are looking to hire virtual workers. However, as great as this opportunity is, this type of position requires you to be able to administrate your own time and your own responsibilities. In your path to be successful and effective as a virtual worker, here are a few things you can do to be efficient and administrate your time in the best way possible:

Build a schedule: If you have a constant work flow, building a schedule can be easy and very beneficial, that way you will be able to distribute your tasks and avoid irregular job administration that would leave you with prolonged periods of inproductivity in between work overload. If your work flow varies from day to day, organize each day after you’ve been assigned your tasks or set goals considering how much time it would take you to do each task and the breaks that you consider necessary to maintain a constant work flow.

Clarify expectations: discuss with your boss or supervisor the duties that are expected from you. Always ask until you have clear what, when and how you must do each task, that way you can design your course of action and you can set or discuss realistic deadlines.

Schedule regular check ins and updates: constant communication is important, but this communication has to be directed to reach a goal. Check in constantly to let your boss or supervisor know that you are working on certain tasks and if these take multiple steps to be completed, keep them updated so they’ll know and trust that you will meet the established deadlines.

Set boundaries: being respectful of both parties' schedules is very important. Open and honest conversations about the schedules in which both you and your boss are available can make setting these boundaries easier. Set your boundaries clearly including the times in which you will need a break, so there are no misunderstandings.

Ensure a good internet connection: this is an essential part of working from home. You have to make sure with anticipation that your internet connection is strong enough to complete your duties fast, without internet connection interfering. It is also a good strategy to have an emergency plan in case your connection is failing or you are experiencing any related issues.

Keep track of your productivity: this comes in handy particularly if you must hand in reports from your duties. You can use your schedules and priorly created to do lists to keep track of the tasks you complete, this way when you have to hand in a productivity report, it won’t be difficult to have an accurate recollection of your activities.

Create your essential databases: any information that you must have in hand periodically can be organized in a database, so you won’t have to ask or look for this information. This makes the work flow smoother and you can complete your tasks faster. It also cuts back on unnecessary communication or constant confirmation with the people in charge of you.

Working virtually has many benefits, as it can translate in achieving goals and having the perfect work-life balance. In Eureka we can help you have a successful career as a virtual assistant, one of the most fulfilling and popular back office jobs. Are you interested in reaching your full potential? Apply here!


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