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Learn to manage your time at work like a pro

As virtual assistants, time management is a survival skill. Our clients hire us to be productive and to help them to improve their productivity.

An usual part of the job is to help our clients to manage their schedule. If we don’t have the habit of managing our time effectively, we’ll struggle to doing the same with our clients’ time

Hence, we need that good time management becomes a habit, if it is not one already.

How can a VA manage their time?

To be productive, a virtual assistant needs to plan their workday.

The key is to plan our work day beforehand: we should plan today what we will do tomorrow. To be productive, we should use what we know about what needs to be done and its priorities for the next day. Let’s see how to do that.

  • We’ll see our schedule and look for the available time you will have. We will assign some tasks to that time.

  • Then we create a to-do list with everything we have to do the next work day. We should classify the tasks according to their priority and the time we think they might need.

  • In our calendar, let’s create a time block. It is a period of one or two hours to perform some tasks.

  • Finally, we assign some related activities of our to-do list to the time block we just created. For instance, we could create a time block of 1 hour, when we can deal with administrative tasks from our to-do list.

Then, we repeat the process as necessary.

Do you think you are an effective virtual assistant? Here in Eureka we always are looking for talented people who want to work as a virtual assistant. Send us your resume.


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