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Virtual assistant: how to prepare for the job interview

When you want to work as a virtual assistant, your client will interview you. They’ll want to meet you and know if you and them are a good match. Obviously, you’ll want to give the best first impression you can. But how to do it successfully? Here we give you some advice on the matter.

1. Prepare your resume

We mean more than just updating your LinkedIn profile –something you should do anyway–. You should prepare a website to showcase your skills and past work experience, past clients and so on.

Don’t panic! You don’t have to invest any money on it. There are a lot of options to build a free website: Wix, Squarespace, or Google Sites, just to name a few.

Nonetheless, if you can spare some money, buy a domain name for your website. It will look more professional if its web address is the same as your name. For instance, if your name is Melinda Smith, then a good domain name could be, or

2. Prepare your gear

You should have a functional computer with a fast internet connection. A normal Windows PC or laptop should be more than enough. However, that will depend on the software you will need to do your job.

You will need a fast internet connection because you will do all your work online. Keep in mind that, eventually, you will communicate with your client through a video call. Your Internet connection should allow you to smoothly talk to them.

3. Prepare for the job interview

The best way to improve your performance in a work interview is to practice. Hence, practice many times before a job interview or even if you don’t have an interview.

The purpose of practicing is to build up your self confidence and to know how to answer the hard questions people clients normally ask you. For instance, if you don’t have experience as a virtual assistant, rehearse how you will answer to a client why you are the best fit for them even though you have no experience.

During an interview rehearsal, dress professionally even if it’s a video interview –when working with Eureka, the interviews with the clients will be on Zoom–. How you look will reflect how serious you are as a professional. Keep in mind that you are rehearsing how you will behave during the interview. Your clothes are part of that performance.


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