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What do I need to work as a virtual assistant?

Are you thinking about working as a Eureka virtual assistant? Maybe you are wondering what you need to do this job well. There is a necessary equipment to succeed, but more importantly, you need specific skills.

Personal qualities and professional backgrounds

As a Eureka virtual assistant, your daily tasks will vary every day, and sometimes they might be even very different: that means you may create documents one day and the next you might have to reserve some plane tickets for your client. You must be very resourceful and look for the most efficient solution to the problems you will confront.

However, there are some professional backgrounds that are better suited for this kind of job. Those who have worked as an office administrator, secretary, or marketer will adapt themselves very easily to this new career. Also, it is important to be:

- Proactive

- Computer Savvy

- Customer Oriented

- Self-driven

- Able to provide guided support to customers

Additionally, here in Eureka, we are looking for bilingual Spanish/English speaking people, who can work with American small businesses. The candidates for virtual assistants should have mastered both languages and can properly communicate in writing and orally.

Essential equipment

Obviously, if you want to telecommute, you need to have a PC and a stable Internet connection capable of supporting meetings online through apps such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet. You will need a webcam and microphone as well if your PC did not come with them.

Are you interested in working with us as a virtual assistant? Apply Here and change your career path in a new and fulfilling way.


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