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What does a virtual assistant do?

Do you want to begin a career as a virtual assistant? If that is the case, then you will have to learn what a virtual assistant does. Let us tell you about it.

Administrative support

This will be the core of your job as an Eureka virtual assistant. Most of our clients are small businesses and entrepreneurs who may have few employees, but they do not have someone in charge of the necessary administrative tasks to run a business successfully.

What are we talking about? We are talking about tasks such as email management, calendar management or bookkeeping.


Initially, there is a very strong need to research information of any kind: on suppliers, on markets and even your competitors.

We do not mean only to google a lot of stuff. A thorough research might need to find online and offline sources, and finally to prepare a written report with the data you found.

Project management

Here, you will work as coordinator that assures the deadlines are met and the team works well together. In Eureka we are constantly looking for highly skilled virtual assistants who can help our clients to organize their employees and resources to work effectively and seamlessly.

And more…

There are a lot of tasks an Eureka virtual assistant can do. As an Eureka virtual assistant, you might have to undertake different tasks to help the client, so she/he gets enough free time to create value for their business.

Nevertheless, there are many possibilities and your workdays might be very different. Tomorrow, your client may ask you to manage its social media presence and later you might assist in lead generation.

If you are interested in working as an Eureka virtual assistant, send us your resume to . We hope we can work together!


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