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3 easy tools that can help you work more efficiently as a Virtual Assistant

When you’re a virtual assistant, being efficient when fulfilling your duties is vital to thrive in your workplace. If this is an aspect that you want to work on as a professional, maybe you’re not sure of how to do it or what tools to put in practice to achieve efficiency.

It’s not as hard as it may feel, here are a few simple actions that you can take in consideration when you’re working in order to be efficient:

  • Make lists: One of the best ways to stay organized is to keep records of the tasks you have completed and the ones you are still working on. These can be physical lists on a pad of paper or digital lists that you access with your phone or computer.

  • Keep to a schedule: You can create a physical calendar or a digital time log that you keep on your phone. Creating a detailed schedule will help you to budget your time and ensure that you meet your deadlines.

  • Communicate with your team: Scheduling face-to-face meetings, creating records of important conversations and writing efficient emails are all ways you can communicate more effectively and minimize the chances of miscommunication.

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